Hyde Park is a major park in London and it’s actually the largest of 4 Royal Parks that make a chain near Kensington Palace. This park was actually established way back in 1536 by Henry VIII when he claimed the land as his and used it for hunting.

Something that has always been supported and actually promoted in the area is free speech. There is actually a Speaker’s Corner which has been around for many years in Hyde Park and debates are held here. Hyde Park is also known as a venue for rock concerts, some of the biggest artists around the world have graced the stage here including The Rolling Stones, Queen and Pink Floyd. The famous Live 8 concert was even held in Hyde Park after being organized by Bob Geldof back in 2005.

There is such a vast history to Hyde Park, with different things happening in the area during the different centuries gone by. If you are a follower of the events or the history of London in general, this is a must go to location for you to enjoy during your time in the city. In addition to the beautiful scenery at Hyde Park, there is also the opportunity to play sports. There are a number of different sporting facilities from football pitches, a tennis coach and cycling paths.

Hyde Park today is known as the go to location for any kind of event that can be enjoyed in the city of London which are especially nice to experience during a warm summer’s day. It is even possible to rent out the park to hold your very own event if this is something that appeals to you. You will often find yoga classes and a whole host of other classes being done in the park.