Postman’s Park might not be as well known as other parks in London but it is one of the largest. It’s a beautiful area with an amazing history behind it. It can be found in central London just a short walk north from St Paul’s Cathedral and other nearby monuments.

The park first opened way back in 1880 and this was actually on the burial ground of several old churches that were merged together. In 1990, Postman’s Park became the central location for George Frederic Watts Memorial, which is actually a landmark dedicated to everyday people who have sadly died when saving the lives of others. Different tablets are built into one of the walls in the park, which commemorate some of these brave souls from around the country. The history of the park goes even deeper than that and you can find more information on Wikipedia, for example.

Postman’s Park got a little more publicity in 2004 when it was featured in the successful Hollywod movie “Closer” with Natalie Portman. Today the location still gets many visitors and it’s also popular for different charity events, receptions and even family celebrations. The area makes a beautiful backdrop for photographs too. Although this is a gorgeous parks for tourists to explore, it’s still a graveyard and respect should be shown at all times to this peaceful area.

The picturesque Postman’s Park offers a welcome change to the bustling city life that is going on all around it. You can sit on one of the benches in the park and check out the amazing views, or just become like one with nature. If you find yourself in central London and you want somewhere beautiful to sit with your thoughts, this place with so much backstory is as good a place as any.