Events at The Royal Parks

The Royal Parks are comprised of 8 different parks scattered around London. These well known locations are often held as the venue for different events, celebrating both the history of the city and different things that are going on around the world. Let’s take a look at some notable events that have been or are being held at the Royal Parks.

Concerts at Hyde Park

Possibly one of the most popular Royal Parks for different events, there is always something going on at Hyde Park. This includes yoga days, baby clubs and treasure hunts – which are all actually coming up in the next few months. It’s actually possible to rent out this location for your event. Hyde Park is also the central location for outdoor concerts in London and some of the biggest stars to come out of the UK have performed here.

Tours and carriage rides at Richmond Park

Richmond Park is absolutely beautiful and there are lots of gatherings that help to show this off. From guided tours of the park, horse and carriage rides and nature hunts. The more outdoorsy person is guaranteed to enjoy these kind of occasions.

Charity events at Green Park

This is not a super popular park for events and that’s probably down to the smaller size of Green Park. It does hold the occasional charity event however and a great one that is fast approaching is the Prudential Ride London.

A bit of everything at Greenwich Park

Greenwich holds a whole host of events which makes it a really popular location with tourists and locals. This includes everything from classic car shows, charity events, nature talks and more. Be sure to check out what is happening next time you are in the location so that you can plan accordingly.