The Royal Parks

The Royal Parks in London are made up of several different parks that are owned by the monarchy of the United Kingdom. These 8 parks take up 4900 acres in London.

Bushy Park

The second largest of the royal parks is 1100 acres in size. It’s just a few minutes walk from the west of Kensington Bridge. It’s a gorgeous park with natural flowers and grassland.

Green Park

This park is just 47 acres in size and it’s located between St James’s Park and Hyde Park. Green Park is an amazing area but it has no known landmarks, almost being entirely made up of mature trees.

Greenwich Park

At 180 acres in size, this park is part of the Greenwich World Heritage sites. This location was the venue for equestrian events for the London Olympics and London Paralympic games.

Hyde Park

This Park is 450 acres in size and it was first established back in 1536 by Henry VIII. Nowadays, it is most well known for holding many gigs for the UK’s biggest artists including Coldplay, Elton John and Madonna.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens cover 270 acres of land and originally made up a section of Hyde Park. It is an gorgeous location and home to statues and sculptures to showcase the history of the location.

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is 410 acres in size, it is home to London Zoo and Regent’s University London. Sports are regularly played in Regent’s Park and it also contains several playgrounds, making it ideal for children to enjoy.

Richmond Park

The biggest of the Royal Parks is this one, spreading over 2360 acres. It was created by Charles I in the 16th century and its home to many amazing wildlife.

St James’s Park

This is 57 acres in size and it has a lot of important history behind it, which is intertwined with the other Royal Parks.