Things to do in Victoria Park

London is such a popular city, people from all over the world flock here. This is largely due to the huge variety of things there are to do in London. In addition to the broadway shows and royal landmarks – London is also known for its parks. Victoria Park is a gorgeous park that has been around for many years. There is a lot of history behind the park but there’s also a lot to do there nowadays too. Some of this includes the following:

Go to the playground

There are two playgrounds in Victoria Park which can be enjoyed with your family. The typical features like a slide and swings are in these playgrounds for the children to enjoy. Why not make things even more special and enjoy a picnic? This is particularly nice to do in the gorgeous location on a summer’s day.

Watch live music

Near the Grove Road entrance of the park is a bandstand. Local bands of all different genres regularly play on this bandstand on sunday afternoons. This provides entertainment for locals and tourists alike and is well worth checking out if you are in the park.

Eat/drink at a cafe

There are a couple of cafes inside Victoria Park that serve simple but delicious food and drinks. The Park Cafe is pretty basic, offering good British food. The Pavillion cafe offers more unusual dishes including a classic Sri Lankan breakfast. If you want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, there are several pubs dotted around Victoria Park including The Crown and The Hemingway.

Play sports

This park is popular with runners, cyclists and other sports to be played. In short, it’s an ideal location to get outside and do some exercise. There are even tennis courts and a bowling club in the area!