Victoria Park in London stretches out amongst Tower Hamlets and it opened back in 1845. Among locals, it is lovingly nicknamed, and commonly referred to as “Vicky’s Park”. Today, there are a wide range of different activities held in the park and it gets millions of visitors each year. There are many transport lines near the park including the park, so it is easy to get to. Victoria Park actually has a people’s choice award for being the nation’s favourite park.

There is a lot of history in the park, dating back to the second world war. It actually became an anti aircraft site. Prisoner of War camps were even erected in the area. Sadly a shelter which was built in the park was in fact hit by a bomb in 1940, killing fifteen people and destroying some original features of the park.

If you are a lover of history or you just want to explore some beautiful nature, Victoria Park is a location that is worth considering, A lot of activities are done in the park, particularly during the warmer months of the year. Cricket is played every evening in Victoria Park and it’s a standard and calm location for such a sport. It is also an ideal place for children, with the One o Clock club being active during the summer months which offer a range of fun activities for under 5s to enjoy.

Victoria Park is also well known for its open air music festivals, with many awesome artists performing for their army of fans over the country. The Clash and Madness have even played in Victoria Park. The great thing about the park is that it can be enjoyed for free. This is a welcome change when you consider how expensive the city is in general.