Recreation and action in New Forest

If you are looking for a day out in the UK, then why not spoil yourself and your loved ones with a trip to the tranquil and picturesque New Forest. The New Forest is situated in Lyndhurst, only 1 hour 45 minutes from London’s city centre. Sometimes a break from the hectic London city life is essential, and you are sure to find all the peace and quiet you need amongst the extensive grounds of the New Forest National Park.

Enjoy New Forest’s nature

Whether you are a keen nature lover, an avid walker, or just simply looking to relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the New Forest has something for everyone to enjoy. There is a vast range of activities and sights to explore and engage in, such as horse riding, cycling, kayaking, archery, and much more. This unenclosed natural habitat is home to an extensive array of wildlife, flora and fauna. Animals that are native to the area and are commonly sighted are deer, wild ponies and birds of prey. Bring along your binoculars to catch a closer view of these impressive animals in action. If you are interested in photography then there are certainly plenty of opportunities to snap that once in a lifetime picture.

Worth a visit at any time of the year

There are a huge number of quaint little villages and hamlets nearby for those wishing to grab a bite to eat in a local pub or cafe, but if you would prefer to take along a picnic then there are also plenty of picnic spots dotted throughout the New Forest where you can enjoy your lunch amongst the natural environment. The New Forest offers a wealth of local attractions including award winning gardens, wildlife parks and museums, so there is no need to worry about what will do during your day out of London. It truly is a beautiful place to visit and it is spectacular at all times of the year. Each new season brings fresh scenery and inhabitants to the New Forest, making it a diverse and ever changing area that provides you with something different to appreciate every time.

Picture by: Tom Davison – Fotolia

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