The Attractions of London

Big Ben in the evening, London, UKIt is pretty much well established that London is a city that pretty much has a bit of everything for everyone. In fact, with so much to offer, it can sometimes be hard knowing where to start in London. There are sights on almost every corner and a cultural hot spot down every street. Plus, with the Olympics soon arriving in the city, the attention on London is even more intense than usual.

The can’t be missed

As cliché as they may seem, the main attractions of London still have to be seen to be fully appreciated. Things like the changing of guard and Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and the House of Parliament should be on every visitors check list. On top of this, the British museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Madame Tussaud’s are also not to be missed. These places are all praised for a reason and even if a day of sight-seeing may not feature on the top of your list of “things to do on a holiday”, these sights really aren’t to be missed.

The seldom seen

Away from the spectacular buildings and breath-taking museums, London still has plenty to offer its visitors. In addition to numerous “off-beat city tours” available, visitors can grab a city map and easily find their way from sight to sight. For example, those with a taste for extreme sports might be surprised to learn that London offers white water rafting at the Lee Valley White Water Rafting centre. This newly opened centre has been built especially for the Olympics and allows participants to test their skills on Olympic standard courses. For art lovers, there are numerous graffiti tours that take visitors on journey around London’s most famous and iconic works of graffiti. In addition to seeing some lesser known works of art, the tour also includes a little historic guide to the city and its artists – something not to be missed by you art lovers out there. If all else fails, you can simply immerse yourself in the boho utopia that is Camden. Grungy pubs, cult cafes and lively markets are a-plenty in London’s most famous village and visitors will not be disappointed by the variety of activities and pastimes available.

Photo: samott – Fotolia

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