The seaside resort Blackpool

Located in the North West of England, Blackpool is without doubt Britain’s most famous and most popular seaside resort. Offering all the family friendly activities you would expect from a seaside resort, Blackpool has everything from amusement parks, long stretches of sandy beaches, museums, clubs and, of course, its iconic tower.


As a tourist destination, Blackpool’s popularity stems back to the early 19th Century with the opening of the city’s train line. It was during this time that city’s piers were built, as well as numerous theatres, dance halls and other buildings that would eventually make up the famous “Golden Mile”. Towards the end of the century, Blackpool also developed one of the world’s first electric tram systems, which are still used alongside the famed “Blackpool Illuminations”.

Blackpool Tower

It is almost impossible to think of Blackpool without thinking of its tower. Erected in 1894 and inspired by the Eiffel tower, Paris, Blackpool Tower is one of the most iconic structures in the whole of the UK. Standing at a height of 158 metres, the Tower provides visitors brave enough to visit its observation tower a stunning view of the North West of England. But it isn’t just the sights that attract crowds to the structure; at the foot of the tower is the Tower Circus, the Tower ballroom and various other entertainment halls that offer visitors everything from museums to restaurants.

Other Major Attractions

As a city with so much to offer, a day out in Blackpool is often not enough. An afternoon relaxing on the beach alone can consume several hours, while the three piers offer tourists enough diversions in the shape of bars, theatres and gaming arcades to occupy an entire evening. Away from the beach itself is the ”Blackpool Pleasure Beach” amusement park, which contains some of the most exhilarating rollercoaster rides in the whole of the UK. Most famous for the “Pepsi Max Big One”, which was at one time the world’s biggest and fastest rollercoaster, the pleasure Beach is also the proud home of other popular rides such as “The Grand National” and “Valhalla”.

Image: Pefkos – Fotolia

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